Real Estate Strategies


Should I buy real estate?

A financial coach can show you numerous ways for you to own and have the benefit of real estate in your portfolio and they donít all require that you become a land lord.

I currently own real estate that Iíd like to sell, but I donít want to lose any of my gains to taxes!

Our skilled financial coaches can show you options you have to delay, reduce and even eliminate the tax consequences of selling appreciated real estate.

I was told that I could trade real estate holdings that I no longer wish to own and delay the tax bite.

Your coach can show you how to utilize provisions within the tax code that will allow you to change your real estate holdings and it doesnít always require that you remain the landlord.

Weíve all been told of the importance of owning real estate as one of our asset classes so that we will have a well balanced portfolio. How, when and why you own it are all three considerations of equal importance.

Having Someone On Your Team Who Can Help Consider All Aspects Of Owning, Selling And Trading Real Estate Can Prove To Be Invaluable.

A coach can help you discover:

  • If real estate would be a beneficial part of your financial plan at this time.
  • How real estate can potentially affect your current and future tax burden.
  • How to use real estate for planning.
  • How they can work for YOU!

Real Estate Strategies Can Be An Important Part Of Your Successful Financial Future!

How, when and why you own real estate are all three equal considerations when it comes to ownership.

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